Graduate Students

Professional Development Plans

Faculty of Education graduate students should be aware that the Faculty of Education has exempted out of the new Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research requirement for individual professional development plans (section 7.6 of Graduate Program Manual).

As a Faculty, we sought and obtained this exemption because professional development is already a valued aspect of all our graduate programs and is supported in disciplinary-specific ways within each program. Our graduate programs are professionally oriented and serve three broad professions: education, psychology, and library and information studies. Each of these professions has a professional code of conduct, ethical requirements, and a strong ethos of professional development; additionally, several of our programs are accredited and routinely evaluated by their profession’s accrediting body. Faculty of Education students are expected to meet their profession’s standards for continuing professional growth. Many of our graduate students are already well established, experienced professionals who are contributing to the professional development of their colleagues as well as engaging in their own professional growth.

In addition to department and discipline-specific professional development activities, the Faculty routinely offers professional development workshops and opportunities for conversation. Graduate students are encouraged to take part (in person or through live-streaming and post-session links) in these Faculty and FGSR activities.


Faculty Graduate Policies

The following documents provide Faculty of Education graduate students with procedures and timelines concerning final grade appeals and practicum appeals.

Information concerning all matters of academic integrity, e.g. plagiarism, can be found by linking to the Office of Judicial Affairs.

In all matters, students are advised to first contact the graduate coordinator or equivalent of the appropriate department/school/unit.

Graduate Student Representation on Faculty of Education Committees

(updated August 24, 2020)

Faculty of Education graduate students are encouraged to participate in the governance of the Faculty. The experience builds professional relationships within the Faculty, and allows students to be aware and to participate in Faculty decision-making. Graduate students have roles on the committees described below. Terms of reference, membership, and in some cases minutes of these committees can be found at

NOTE: All committee and council meetings at this time are currently being held remotely due to COVID-19 public health guidelines. Members of committees and councils will be notified in advanced should this policy change.

Diversity, Equity and Respect Committee (1 rep required for a one year term)
This committee’s mandate is to encourage the practice of the principles of diversity, equity, respect and inclusiveness in the Faculty. Meeting schedule determined by committee members.

Education Faculty Council (2 reps required each for a one year term)
Education Faculty Council is comprised of all full time academic faculty from Education and a number of stakeholders from across the University. Meetings are scheduled the 1st Tuesday of each month, October to June (excluding January), from 3:30 to 5:00.

Faculty Teaching Awards Committee (1 rep required for a one year term)
This committee promotes and adjudicates applications for a number of Faculty of Education teaching awards, including the Graduate Student Teaching Award, and meets mostly between November and February.

Graduate Academic Affairs Council (GAAC) (1 rep per department/school each for a one year term)
Meetings are scheduled for the 1st Monday of each month, October to June (excluding January) from 10:00 to 11:30. One graduate student representative is chosen from each of the Departments of Educational Policy Studies, Educational Psychology, Elementary Education, Secondary Education, and the School of Library and Information Studies. Membership provides the opportunity to learn about the graduate programs offered across the Faculty, and to provide feedback about graduate-level programs and courses. Please note this Council has a different submission process – see below for info.

HT Coutts Library Advisory Committee (1 rep required for a one year term)
While the physical location of the HT Coutts Library has closed, the content of the library is maintained at the Rutherford location, and this committee fosters the cooperative planning and development that has made the HT Coutts library among the best in its field. Committee members develop and facilitate appropriate communication and collaboration between the Library and the Faculty. Meeting schedule determined by committee members.

SUBMISSION PROCESS for Diversity, Equity and Respect Committee, Faculty Council, Faculty Teaching Awards Committee, and HT Coutts Library Advisory Committee (see below for GAAC process)
Submit a one-page letter of introduction outlining your background, and how your experience and interests relate to the committee(s) of your choice. You may apply to more than one committee. Send your submission electronically to Rachel Lindley-Maycock, Governance Administrator, Submissions for Diversity, Equity and Respect Committee, Faculty Council, Faculty Teaching Awards Committee, and HT Coutts Library Advisory Committee will be reviewed by and final selections made by an ad hoc committee consisting of each Faculty department and school’s GSA President or delegate, and chaired by the Associate Dean, Graduate Students. All candidates, successful or not, will receive correspondence following the selection process.

SUBMISSION DEADLINE for Diversity, Equity and Respect Committee, Faculty Council, Faculty Teaching Awards Committee, and HT Coutts Library Advisory Committee
Submissions should be emailed to no later than 8:30 a.m., Monday, September 14th, 2020.

SUBMISSION PROCESS & DEADLINE for Graduate Academic Affairs Council (GAAC)
Student representatives for GAAC are selected annually by the individual department/school student associations. Interested students should contact their department/school graduate student association to review their internal process. It is hoped that appointments will be made as soon as possible to facilitate attendance at meetings. Names of all chosen representatives will be forwarded to the U of A Graduate Students’ Association for their records.

Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research (FGSR)

The Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research supports every aspect of the UAlberta graduate student experience: admissions, funding, scholarships, teaching preparation, professional development, academic records and much more. Please visit the FGSR website for more information.

Awards and Funding

Please visit the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research Awards and Funding page to explore the many scholarship options available at UAlberta.

Faculty of Education Graduate Scholarships

  • Audrey and Jack Reid Graduate Scholarship
  • Bacchus Graduate Research Prize
  • Camrose Normal School Memorial Scholarship
  • Dr Bruce Bain Memorial Graduate Scholarship
  • Dr Peggy Quinney Doctoral Scholarship
  • Fred and Helen Ilott Graduate Award in Education
  • John Hoddinott and Carole Solberg Graduate Teaching Award
  • Kathryn Burke Graduate Scholarship
  • Mahatma Gandhi World Peace Graduate Scholarship
  • Margaret "Presh" Kates Aboriginal Doctoral Award in Education
  • Margaret J Saunders Graduate Award
  • ME Lazerte Memorial Graduate Scholarship
  • Phi Delta Kappa / Faculty of Education Doctoral Dissertation Award
  • Professor Mian Muhammed Afzal Graduate Scholarship in Education
  • Professor Mian Muhammed Afzal International Graduate Scholarship in Education
  • Richard Sheridan Carson Graduate Scholarship for Intercultural and International Understanding
  • Wendy Keiver Graduate Award in Education and Literacy

For department-specific awards, please access the searchable FGSR database here or contact your home department for more information.

Travel Awards

Additionally, the Faculty of Education offers travel support for graduate student research. The Myer Horowitz Graduate Student Travel Award program is intended to provide graduate students the opportunity for travel assistance to expose your research results and conclusions to peer review, test ideas with acknowledged experts, etc.

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