Human Resources and Finance Unit

HR Forms and Information Links

HR Hiring Requests
Please complete this form to initiate a hire. Information on this document will be submitted to the Finance-HR Unit.

Honorarium Payment Procedure
Please follow the directions within this procedure to request an honorarium payment.

Finance Forms and Information Links

Travel and Expense Claim Guide
Please refer to this guide for step-by-step instructions on completing your Expense Claim.

Contract for Services (CFS)

Are you seeking the services of an individual or business? Please refer to the documents and guides below for assistance on the CFS procedure.

Contract for Services Reference Guide
Please start here as reference for the CFS Procedure and required steps.

Contract for Services (CFS) Request Form
Please complete the CFS Request Form to initiate processing by the Finance-HR Unit.

Supplier Help Sheet
Units are encouraged to share this document with any contractors who may be unfamiliar with University procedures and payment terms.


Equipment Policies and Procedures